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Mike Templeman: Online Marketing Mistakes You Simply Must Avoid


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Online marketing is a powerful way of getting your brand image and message out there.

When it is done right, you will see amazing results.

Unfortunately, too many business professionals don’t know what they are doing and end up making rookie mistakes.

This post will discuss three common online marketing mistakes that you want to make sure you avoid.

Your Online Brand Is Not Your Offline Brand

Too often, business owners will create an online brand that is so unlike their offline brand. You want to ensure that your online brand and offline brand are the same thing. Consistency is the key to building a powerful message.

You Don’t Have a Blog

Having a blog (and knowing how to use it) will be an incredible asset for your business. You should have a resourceful and regular output of content that your readership can use in their lives. Having a blog will also allow you to have something that is sharable across social media platforms, thus bringing more visitors to your website.

Not Self-Promoting

You need to master the art of unabashed (but not obnoxious) self-promotion. Don’t just promote your business and brand. Promote yourself. You are an integral part of your professional entity and you should be marketing yourself as much as your business.

Utilize LinkedIn to develop an “online resume” and professional connections. Network on social media sites and provide answers to people in forums that are related to your industry.

You should also make it a point to guest blog on other online publications.

One Response to Mike Templeman: Online Marketing Mistakes You Simply Must Avoid

  1. Deborah Northcutt Reply

    September 29, 2015 at 6:50 am

    Thanks for the spot on information Steve. I think a lot of people really fail at having a blog and posting relevant content consistently. It really does make a difference. You can’t be afraid to put yourself and business out there.

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