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The Best-Kept Secret For Any Business


Direct Response Marketing is the best-kept secret to success for any business.

Here’s why…

No matter what advertising sales reps will tell you, you don’t go out and build a brand by “getting your name out there.”

Here’s how it actually works…

1. First, you must make a sale.
2. Then, you must provide that client with a truly amazing experience and over-deliver in value.
3. And then that client will tell someone else about you.

When that client tells someone, you get known for the “experience” your business provides.

Until you deliver that experience, no one will know. So the first thing you have to do is actually get yourself a client!

And Direct Response Marketing is about getting clients to your business quickly and affordably.

In this challenging economy, that makes it a necessary strategy for you to learn and master, doesn’t it?

Let’s face it. Who can afford to spend money on marketing and advertising without some idea that it will come back?

I worked for a major yellow pages publisher for several years. Believe me, the sales reps LOVED the fact that almost none of the advertisers had any clue about how their ads were working. That made it easy for them to B.S. people into renewing their ads year after unproductive year.

No one can actually afford to spend money on advertising without knowing that it works, but plenty of big, dumb companies do it all the time. Some of them have even been able to get government bailouts just to stay afloat. For us small business owners, we can’t count on that option, can we?

So especially in this tough economy, we have to use Direct Response Marketing.

If you consistently use and improve these five elements of Direct Response Marketing in your business, you’ll increase the chances of your advertising dollars coming back to you many times over.

And that is why we’re in business, right? To make money.

It’s likely that you and almost all of your competitors are lost and confused when it comes to advertising and marketing. Most businesses simply do not have a proven, reliable SYSTEM for generating leads and new business.

Direct Response Marketing solves that problem.

But since so few businesses take advantage of it, I call it “The Best Kept Secret For Any Business.”

2 Responses to The Best-Kept Secret For Any Business

  1. stewkelly Reply

    May 4, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    Hi Steve,
    Yes, WOM advertising pays off big-time. The IRS knows that, that’s why they always audit the small fry. They complain like hell and scare their friends into compliance.

    Sadly it seems business is taking its cue from politicians rather than proven, sound marketing practices. They’re going for the 30 second sound bit and glitzy pictures over substance.

    Maybe it is just that many companies don’t believe in their own products anymore, so cut back on customer service and back-office support. No reason to give over-the-top customer service for something that is a piece of garbage in the first place.

  2. Jacqueline McGinnis Reply

    June 1, 2010 at 6:48 pm

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