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It’s Over.


The re-election of President Obama and a pro-big-government Senate assures continued frustration and difficulty for small business owners and anyone who refuses to settle for “being a part of a strong middle class” for at least another four years.

But that will have little effect on you — IF you concentrate on learning and implementing the right strategies and tactics in your business.

In fact, the sure-to-be-continuing troubles for the overall economy are actually a good thing for those of us who know how to grow and thrive despite “the new normal” of high unemployment and a stalled economy that Americans have chosen to settle for. Even more business owners are now bound to give up trying to grow, which is sad, but it will make it even easier to succeed than it has been for the past few years (hard to believe that’s even possible!) for those of us who take the right actions.

As for me personally, I’m extremely relieved that the bantamweight battle of two severely flawed candidates for our nation’s highest office is finally over, and we can all move on with a measure of certainty, regardless of the fact that the certainty is that small business owners and our overall economy will continue to suffer for the foreseeable future.

I remember feeling almost exactly the same on this day four years ago. That was before I started this blog, but I did send out the following email to my list.

I have omitted the specific details of my Live Workshops, but otherwise I am reprinting here the rest of that post-election day email exactly as I sent it out on this day four years ago…


Subject: It’s over.


I don’t know about you, but I sprang out of bed this morning with more energy than I’ve had in a while. And if you know me, that’s saying a lot.

The seemingly never-ending presidential campaign is FINALLY over.

Regardless of who won or lost, for some reason I just feel totally relieved. All the uncertainty is gone. Now we can all get on with our lives.

No matter who you wanted to win, one thing seems fairly certain: the troubled economy and an overwhelming democratic majority in power will not be good for small businesses in general.

So we all have a choice: We can gripe and complain and be depressed and feel sorry for ourselves, OR we can be determined to take immediate and massive action to overcome any and all challenges that face us.

I know which option I choose.

  • I’ve been ramping up my marketing for months, and will continue to do so.
  • I’ve taken on more coaching and consulting clients and work than ever.
  • I’m publishing new articles and updating old ones I already have published.
  • I recently registered two new domains and am all-out at work creating a new information product.
  • I am putting the finishing touches on my book.
  • I’m networking and putting together more joint ventures than ever before.
  • I’ve recently purchased and studied more sales and marketing materials than ever (and that’s saying a lot — my library is EXTENSIVE).

And in a few hours, I’m leaving for the 2008 Glazer-Kennedy Info-Summit: 5 non-stop days of learning the latest money-making marketing strategies and networking with some of the sharpest minds and most successful marketers ever to gather in a single place.

“Financial Crisis”? Sorry — I refuse to participate, and I refuse to have my family and my businesses negatively effected by it.


  • I’m not waiting for the government or anyone else to bail me out.
  • I’m not hoping the government passes new laws to benefit me.
  • I’m not waiting for the economy to turn around.
  • I don’t need the stock market to get back on track (but that would be nice).
  • I don’t need gas prices to plummet (again — I’ll take it if it happens).

As an entrepreneur, MY future (short-term and long-term) is completely up to ME. I love that — and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What about you? What will you do over the final two months of 2008 to put yourself and your business in a position to ignore — if not benefit from — this troubled economy in 2009?

Will you work harder and smarter? Will you invest your time, energy and money in your future by learning all you can to get better at marketing your business? Will you form new and profitable alliances and partnerships with other like-minded entrepreneurs who also refuse to be victims of the down economy?

YOUR future (short-term and long-term) is up to YOU, and you alone. Will you re-arrange your schedule to make sure you can join us at one or both of these meetings? Because like it or not — and whether you do something about it or not — no one is going to “bail you out” of the current state you’re in.

But we can certainly be there to help you.

To your success,

Steve Sipress

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