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David T. Fagan: Let Your Website Say What You Shouldn’t


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Websites are NOT “one size fits all.” So many people totally misunderstand what their website is really for, how to leverage a good website, or even what a good website is for their organization. For so many of us a website should be expected to be more of a toolbox filled with sales building tools rather than an automated cash register.

The fact is that people don’t spend thousands of dollars on services with trusted advisers without some kind of personal touch or pre-existing relationship. The exceptions are few and far between.
So let’s get the big fat exception to all this out of the way. If you are just selling “widgets” online, then this really doesn’t apply. If you are in the “Advice Business” selling services then you are the product and it’s an entirely different approach. Your website should then be more focused on saying what you personally shouldn’t have to…how great you are.

A trusted adviser’s website should be a digital and graphically pleasing resume that hits all the right emotional triggers that scream and echo success. That’s why you want video testimonials, written testimonials, pictures of awards, credible affiliations, where you have been seen, and what you have been featured in. This could include degrees, titles you have held, significant achievements, books that you have written, articles that have been published, and radio and TV stations you have been on. All of these will reinforce what results you deliver for your clients and that’s what is most important.

Any first phone call consultation with me will include me giving the prospect a tour of my websites that best apply to their needs. I never want to say anything that could be better said through my websites, and ultimately the 3rd party social proof that can be found there.

No matter how little social proof you have, use it to get more even if it means working for free to get testimonials, successful case studies or recognition by a 3rd party organization. The bottom line is don’t set up or expect your website to be an auto pilot cash register ringing out sales in the thousands daily, weekly or even monthly. Rather, setup your website to be your 24/7 “sales person” answering questions of doubt with success stories and overcoming objections with 3rd party social proof.

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