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David T. Fagan: Discover how to create an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over your competitors



If you do NOT like to win then this article isn’t for you.

If you do NOT believe you have the best solution in the market place then this article isn’t for you.

If you do NOT want to make more money then this article isn’t for you.

So if you’re still with me right now, you’re an adult with thick skin. If this isn’t you then you need to stop reading right now because I am about hurt your feelings. (Call it tough love for those of you when nothing else works.)

Let me give you a hypothetical…It’s me versus you in a contest of trying to get someone to do something…anything. It really doesn’t matter what it is.

We could both offer the exact same product for $1,000…and they would buy mine, not yours.

We could both offer the exact same service for $1,000…and they would buy from me, not you.

I bet I could even charge twice as much as you and they would still choose to buy from me rather than you.

Right now some of you might be doing what most people do, which is to make up excuses or look for exceptions. Don’t do that. Do you want to make more money and help more people? Then think about what I am telling you. Most of you might know more than me in a particular area; you might be more educated, or you might even have more money. But it doesn’t really matter, and do you want to know why?

I have more social proof than you do. I have more testimonials and endorsements than you. I’ve probably won more awards than you – or at least more relevant awards. I’ve written more books than you. I’ve been published more than you. I have more connections than you. The truth is you might be better. The truth is your products and services might be better than mine, but I will win almost every time. It’s unfair, isn’t it?

That’s right, I have an Unfair Advantage over my competition and you can too.

The key is to have marketing collateral and sale tools that separate and elevate you and your company. A potential buyer is always choosing between you and something else…even if it’s doing nothing at all. That’s right. You are competing with the status quo, where the Prospect does nothing at all. You better have a really good answer when someone asks, “Why You?” or “Why you instead of (blank)?”

I love it when people ask me that! I take people through a funnel, daring them to ask me that. I can’t wait for someone to ask me those questions. When you don’t have any social proof to share you are reluctant, hesitant and unprepared. When you have good marketing collateral, you have confidence and communicate from a position of strength.

I don’t have to put anyone down, nor do I; rather I can just show them all the social proof. I show them a YouTube channel with all kinds of testimonials, endorsements, case studies, and examples. I show them a portfolio and put them in touch with highly successful people that love me and my work. And the list goes on.

What do you do?

What do you have to share?

Is it easy to search, view, and review?

If not, you might be losing in an unfair way.

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