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Matt Bacak: Can I Get Rich?


Someone recently asked me if I could make them rich.

Yeah… I mean…no!

I can’t make anybody rich. You have  got to make yourself rich. And that’s one of the biggest things that I see out there with people, they are looking for other people to make them rich when nobody is going to do it. You’re going to have to do it for yourself.

But I’ll tell you, there are tools out there.

People like me, we are not going to give you a business, we are going to give you strategies and give you ideas. Even if you’re being spoon feed actions you should take and strategies to you should use, this is your choice.  Whether you’re going to do it or not, that’s something that nobody can do for you.  And the implementing and stick-to-it-tiveness makes you rich.

I used to put on these seminars, people paid $5500 to come in this event and I would hand them everything that I used when I did to make my first million dollars online.

And you know what, about 90% of the people would just go off and go to another seminar or strategy again and again. And I would be thinking, “I just handed it to you.”

But I can’t be pushing the buttons and telling you to send emails; to go get more subscribers; to stay on course.

Here’s the thing to think about:

Your business and your life is a mirror reflection of you. And not just a mirror reflection of you, it is a mirror reflection of who you listen to.  But when it all comes down to the line, it boils down to what Y-O-U are willing to do.

What are the sacrifices that you’re willing to make to become successful?

And if you truly desire to become rich, then you’ve got to take the steps. Surround yourself with successful people.

Look for people, look at their lifestyles, look at what they’re doing, look at how they’re doing it, and model that, implement the things that they’re saying and implement the things that they’re doing because that’s how you get rich.

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