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Roger Abramson: Who Teaches The Best Marketing For Offline Clients? (Part II)


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A friend asked for my advice the other day:

“Who teaches the best marketing stuff for my offline business clients?”

Go here for Part I of my response…

Now here’s Part II…

Here’s what you might want to hear me say…

I love Jay Abraham for offline strategy. The Antin brothers have an excellent, approachable spin on brick-and-mortar marketing in their “Lost Art Of Common Sense Marketing” book. Jay Conrad Levinson and Joe Polish for tactics. You set them up with this stuff, buddy. Wind ’em up and watch them go!

Now what you need me to point out:

It’s still always been 90% getting over mindset issues. Your clients are probably basket-cases unless they’re rocketing toward a billion bucks in annual revenue. Otherwise, they’re a little nuts. All this opportunity sitting around? They’d rather be broke so they can keep their excuses.

Being a marketing victim is awesome. It just don’t buy no prom dress.

You gotta be nuts not to be doing billions, or at least go off like a shot in that precise direction. After all, not many people get their hands on all that money and then decide to trade it in for being poor. Some do, but not very many. Not willingly. Not with out a little kicking and screaming involved.

All the big breakthroughs require internalizing those big epiphanies. Jim Rohn’s epiphanies, for instance. Mindset stuff.

What if all your clients were like, “Oh. Go hire myself a celebrity endorsement? AMAZING IDEA! I’ll come right back and finish this consulting hour later, dude. Outta my way! I’m hiring the Night Rider to promote my car dealership today!”

Dude. That would be sweet. Sign me up to be a consultant so I can make that kind of easy money.

Yeah, no. Unless they’re already uh… Olympic Athletes or championship-level super-achievers, or on a trajectory toward billions, their monkey brains simply don’t work this way.

Collapsing the cognitive dissonance and doing brain a little surgery on the chimp in question. First, locate the monkey that’s causing your problem. Re-wire the monkey.

In reality, your offline marketers probably NEED Milton Erickson to re-arrange their brain. Or maybe some Psycho Cybernetics. We KNOW clients don’t buy what they need, of course. Here’s what they REALLY need to buy:

Buy yourself a nice data table of relevant marketing test results. Just go out and buy it, because that data table will immediately tell you all you NEED to know.

What kind of data do you want to buy? How about something precise to your industry? Easy. Those are cheap and they’re everywhere. Narrowed down to your area code and zip code? It’s internet time, baby. Solved with a Google Search. Grab yourself that delicious, free data.

A specific report of marketing data for your business? You can go out and buy them for about… what do those cost, exactly? Just a second. Got it here. Oh. Oh, yeah.

A little pricey, but it’s worth it. That data table you NEED is gonna run you around one to ten million bucks a year, or whatever your ad “budget” happens to be.

Your marketing results aren’t stored at the local library, sadly. Not available by downloading it from on its unlimited $8.99 a month infinite book download plan. But you still need to rush out and buy it as soon as you get the chance. That’s what you NEED to buy.

Like I said. People don’t buy what they need. As you and I know, they buy what they want.

With clients, I try to get as far as marketing, lay down some strategy and tactics, and you know what?

I instantly find people at every conceivable level, people get stuck with their head up their own mindset. And boy, it’s dark in there.

For mindset, it’s all about Rohn, Rohn, Rohn. Daily, if necessary. Just like sales training: Motivation every day. Training every week.


If you gotta get a coffee pot that plays Jim Rohn tapes, it’s worth it. If you gotta INVENT a coffee pot that plays Jim Rohn tapes, it’s worth it. Why?

Not because there’s anything magic about Jim. But because he’s one of a dozen examples of guys and gals who teach the right mindset. You want Marianne Williamson or somebody? Tony Robbins? Whether it’s Napoleon Hill or Napoleon Dynamite, you’ve got to repeat the message.

Come back next week for the final part of this series.

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