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Mike Templeman: Making Sure Your Content Marketing Has Purpose Rather than Being Wasteful


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Content marketing sometimes gets envisioned by businesses as something they have to do rather than finding joy in doing it well. It’s the same type of philosophy you can apply to virtually anything, including your own job. If you don’t put some fun and true purpose behind what you’re doing, it’s going to come out looking empty overall.

While that might be a problem with some people in their jobs, it should never be apparent in the content you create to market your B2B business online. Any piece of content you create, whether it be a blog, an article on your website, or a video, shouldn’t be done without having true conviction behind it and inspiration.

So how do you get yourself inspired in the content you create? Much of that comes from knowledge and finding out exactly what your business customers want.

Solving Problems for Your Customers

Conduct some research first to find out what your business customers want to see in your content. Most likely they want to learn something to make better decisions on buying from you. Providing them inside information on your products and how they can solve a problem for their business is a good place to start. Approaching content this way can already light the fire of inspiration on writing a blog or creating a video.

When you know for sure what your business customers want, you won’t have to make creating content such a strain on the days you need to post something in a hurry.

Creating with Purpose

Once you get on this creative streak, creating content can give you real purpose rather than create it because you have to. The fact is, most people can tell when you’re inspired in your content and when you’re not. People have a sensitive radar in knowing whether you truly understand what you’re writing about. You should always study your industry thoroughly so you understand everything and think regularly about the details. The more you know, the more topics you’ll be able to create on a regular basis.

Most of all, showing true inspiration and enthusiasm in your content has its own energy in helping people feel attracted to your content. When they sense this, they’ll keep coming back to see more, or sign up for email alerts when you post new content.

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