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Mike Koenigs: The Keys to the Kingdom Part II


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Last week I introduced you to the Keys to the Kingdom. This week, I introduce you to the process of getting the clients you want.

This exercise is called, “The Best Customer Ever.” I want you to describe the best customer or client you’ve ever had.

On one of my websites, there’s a free step-by-step video that guides you through this process in case you’re an “immersive learner” like me. Just “opt-in” and you’ll get the printable, downloadable “cheat sheet” companion to the video.

Who is someone who paid you for your products or services? Think of someone you loved working with. This is a person who took your advice, used your product or service, and got results. They happily paid you (and they keep coming back to you for more). They refer more customers to you, and they give you great testimonials. They’re enthusiastic, warm, and happy. Best of all, if you had ten, 100 or 10,000 duplicates of this customer forever, your job would be easy and joyful.

All you have to do is attract more people who are like your ideal customer and you’re set.

Write down a description of your ideal customer in as much detail as possible. (Note: If you’re just starting out and don’t have a business yet, then I want you to imagine your perfect customer.)

I’ll give you an example. My ideal customer’s name is Sue. She’s 65 years old, but energetically, she’s more like 30. Sue lives in Canada and is a pediatric anesthesiologist. Sue is divorced, has two children, Christopher and Lisa. Sue’s biggest fear is that after 35 years of being a doctor, she’ll never achieve her dream retirement.

Her greatest dream is help others live a rich and fulfilling life while traveling around the world… without any financial worries.

That sounds good to me, how about you?

What I like most about Sue is that she is eager, enthusiastic, filled with life, and absolutely passionate about helping other people. The reason I enjoy working with Sue is because she makes a commitment, executes a plan, and gets stuff done.

When Sue started coaching with me, she was afraid she couldn’t turn her dream into a book or product. However, after only a single consulting session, Sue got clear on her message, her offer, and her product. She created total clarity on what she really wants.

The next day, Sue sat down in my video studio and told her story with clarity, passion, and vision. In as little as six months, she’ll not only be ready to leave her job and have her book and product finished, but she’ll be traveling the world, living her ultimate retirement dream while making money teaching others how to do the same.

The greatest wish that I have for Sue is that she’ll sell 10,000 copies of her book and be living in dozens of different countries with hundreds or thousands of customers who she can coach in the next year—while making money, feeling purposeful, living fully, and impacting people who resonate with her message and mission.

Done. When you follow this process, you’ll attract your ideal customer just like Sue. Next week I’ll show you how to speak to that one customer.

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