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Mike Koenigs: The Keys to the Kingdom Part I


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How would you like to attract seemingly “perfect” customers who are affluent, love working with you, buy all your products and services, give you great referrals and keep coming back over and over again?

Several years ago, we sold $9.1 million in products in one week during a product promotion. Six months later, we sold $7.1 million in a single week; $3.1 million was sold in a single day on a live Internet video broadcast. We’ve repeated this pattern six more times since then.

Would you like to know how I did it?

At an event, I met a young guy who was what I considered to be our “ideal customer” because he made $5,000 in a few hours after implementing one of our software systems. His name is “Fireman” Mike Lemoine.

Since then, Fireman Mike has become one of our star customers. And using the system I’m about to share with you, we attracted thousands of new customers – and dozens of them with spectacular results. A dozen that I’m aware of are closing in on seven-figure years with our tools and resources. They’ve built businesses, coaching, and speaking platforms.

Less than one year later, I was holding a live event, and I realized we had only about 15% women in our audience. I was appalled because I know that the fastest way to create a peaceful, fast-growing, conscious economy and planet is to empower women entrepreneurs. On stage that day, I declared (not having any idea how I’d do it) that we would have 35 percent women in the room at the next event. Less than a year later, I not only accomplished that, but over 50% of the people in our $25,000 mastermind program are women!

How is this possible?

The following system and exercise I’m going to share with you are the “Keys to the Kingdom” – the most powerful marketing strategy I’ve ever learned or taught.

I’m going to get a little philosophical with you now, maybe even a bit spiritual. But I’m going to transform you into an incredible marketer with a 3-minute exercise. And if you’re already a good marketer, I’m going to show you how to attract, influence, and deeply connect with your ideal customer. And if you’re terrified of being on camera or on stage and can’t imagine yourself writing a book, then prepare yourself for a complete personal transformation.

Have you ever been afraid to fully share your authentic self publicly? Most people are. However, it’s the most powerful way to create a deep connection… Your authenticity resonates with people, and that’s what hooks them. That’s what makes them want more of anything you offer.


  1. Produce or be filled with a deep, full, reverberating sound.
  2. Evoke or suggest images, memories, and emotions.

This is a spiritually based principle, and it’s as old as time. But, the truth is, I know this works because I’ve helped thousands of people unlock their deepest fears about being able to speak or present on video or stage in minutes. I’ve seen their transformation from putting on a performance to coming from their core… and this switch makes all the difference. The secret is to connect from a place in you that’s real, authentic, and raw. Coming from this place will attract your perfect customer to you almost as if it were magic.

If you look back 10,000 years ago or so, early religions and mystical traditions were passed on orally. There were no printing presses and no easy distribution methods. All information was passed on through stories. Young people were taught by memorizing stories. Here’s how it works. The human brain organizes facts as stories very efficiently. That’s why stories about characters and people are easy to remember.

Fast-forward about twenty centuries. Many consider Steve Jobs to have been the greatest CEO storyteller in the world. It’s no accident that Apple became the most valuable company in the world—largely because Steve was able to captivate hundreds of millions of people with stories of what’s possible with Apple’s products. Steve’s stories created massive demand for iPods, iPhones, iPads, and every one of Apple’s latest gadgets.

Thanks to Steve and other technological wizards, you don’t have to tell your story to one person at a time; you have the power to share your story with the entire connected planet simply by pressing a button. As I said before, you can communicate with nearly the entire human race through a mobile phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop computer.

Let me show you how to connect with authenticity, to resonate with an audience, and to magically attract your perfect customer into your business or your life. This will also make it profoundly easy to write books and create profitable products. And, as a bonus—this exercise will help make you comfortable on camera or on stage too.

Sound impossible? Well, over the next few weeks, this series will show you it is possible!

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