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Kim Walsh-Phillips: How To Write Your Ebook In One Day And Put It Up For Sale


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The thought of writing a book may seem daunting.

I get it; writing the No BS Direct Response Social Media Marketing Book I am co-authoring with Dan Kennedy is no walk in the park.

(I do not drink nearly as much coffee when walking in the park as I have writing this book for example. And I may smile more when in a park.)

But writing an ebook does not need to be daunting.  If you have a collection of blogs, you could simply book them together, add in an opening and closing chapter and voila! Your ebook is complete.

Or if you want to start from scratch, there is a simple process to follow that can get your book done in one day.

i. Come up with a book theme.  Example, for an accounting firm, the book might be “How to Increase Your Profit Without Increasing Your Sales.”

ii. Write 10 questions to answer as part of that theme.  Questions might include: What are the hidden business deductions I am probably missing? What company structure is most profitable? What employee classifications benefit my bottom line the most?

iii. Write down three bullet points answering each question.

iv. Record yourself answering each question, using your bullet points as your guide.

v. Send your recording to a transcriber (We use but there are many out there that will work for you.)

vi. Edit the final transcript.

vii. Hire a freelancer on ODesk or to design the book for you.

viii. Lift your hand up and reach over your shoulder to your back and pat yourself because you have your product and you are officially a published author.

ix. You can either sell the book directly on your site or sell it through Amazon’s Kindle publishing program, KDP.  If you want to add in a bonus, include an audible version of the ebook as well.

If you already have an ebook for sale, share a link to the sales page in the comments section as inspiration to those who are hesitating to get it done.

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