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Jason Leister: How to Become an Incomparable Expert (Step-By-Step How-To) – Part II


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Last week Jason introduced you to the first steps in becoming an incomparable expert.

Why Build One Unique Selling Proposition When You Can Build Tens of Thousands With Less Effort?

So let’s get back to the task at hand: showing you a new way to deal with your need for a Unique Selling Proposition. A way that clearly sets you apart from every other option your clients have.

Something that transforms you into an Incomparable Expert.

In business, part of winning is figuring out how to make you or your business the only source for a certain thing. In other words, clients have to come to you if they want X.

That’s really it in a nutshell right there. If you can achieve that goal, you can pretty much write your own ticket.

So ask yourself, what’s the only thing that your prospective clients can’t get anywhere else unless they do business with you?

The only thing they can’t get anywhere else is you or your company’s involvement in providing the service. If they want you to be involved, they have to come to you. Duh.

This might sound drop dead simple, but it’s extremely powerful if you know what to do with it. And it’s absolutely transformative if you have some sort of lever (like a Platform) so you can use this idea to your advantage.

What this means is that we have to engineer a situation where your prospect is less interested in “getting the service done” and more interested in you being the one that provides the service. Unless your business is at the low end of the vendor scale (where buying decisions are made on price and speed), your clients don’t buy a “service,” they buy YOU.

Marketing experts like Dan Kennedy have talked about this for a long time, but the Platform is the tool that can create a scenario like this for just about anyone.

The Platform demonstrates you. It demonstrates you over and over and over again.

Stepping Into the World of the Incomparable Expert

And it’s at that point when the magic truly begins. I don’t care what kind of marketing genius you think you might be, the results that come from following through on this process long enough are beyond the capabilities of any human mind to consciously plan.

Because what you end up with after you’ve allowed your Platform to do its thing is not a single USP, but TONS of them. Each of your subscribers custom tailors your USP on their own!

You provide enough of a demonstration that “selling” your prospects isn’t really required. You don’t have to do it, because they’ve already done it. Each prospect has collected a unique mixture of your “demonstrations” they found valuable and put them together in a way where they actually sell themselves on you!

They know what makes you uniquely valuable to them even though you might not know it.

Your true USPs exist in each of the minds and hearts of your future clients. You might have a rough idea about what those are, but really, you don’t even need to know. You just have to keep your Platform running and attracting through demonstration.

So you can rest easy about coming up with your “Unique Selling Proposition” and simply commit to the process that will bring a superior answer to you, slowly, over time.

It’s a very sure path to becoming an Incomparable Expert.

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