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Howard Berg: Revealed – Five Key Factors For Increasing Your Mental Power


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You know the important role your brain plays in your success at work, school, and home. You understand the need to maximize its efficiency by studying brain-based learning material like this article. That is why you will enjoy learning about five key factors that can help you maximize your brain’s learning power.

While it is easy to regard the brain in its entirety, functioning as a single organ, in this case it will help to examine different aspects of its functioning as separate entities. A good analogy is your body’s muscles. Although they work together, they each have a separate job they must do. Let’s take a moment to examine the five key factors that determine your mental success.

  1. Concentration

    Your ability to focus and turn off outside distractions requires you to concentrate your thoughts on a single task. While many recognize the importance of concentration, it can often prove difficult to accomplish with some many environmental distractions. Fortunately, you will learn some exercises that can help you to solve this problem.

  2. Adaptability

    Adaptability is your capacity to quickly move between mental tasks requiring different types of thinking. For example, you may be using your creativity to write a report, and suddenly need to apply a formula requiring deep mathematical reflection. Then you need to sketch a picture that accompanies all your work. Each of these tasks requires you to use a different thinking style, and your ability to move between them quickly is essential for succeeding in today’s complex world.

  3. Stamina

    How long can you stay in the groove working on a mentally challenging piece of work? Your ability to sustain your creativity and focus over a long period of time is an important asset when performing tasks that cannot be quickly completed.

  4. Multi-Tasking

    Often we find ourselves working on several projects simultaneously. We need to be able to switch between each task quickly when the need arrives. Your ability to adjust and refocus your efforts when priorities change is another important mental power.

  5. Mental Coordination

    This means you can do three marketing reports at the same time. When your mind has coordination it means you can juggle several different but equally demanding mental tasks at once or in the same day.

The Key To Success

The key element to developing all of these important mental powers is your capacity to sustain focus. Here is a powerful strategy for developing your ability focus and concentrate your mind from one task to another.

An Exercise To Develop Focus

  1. Relax, sit down, and breathe rhythmically before starting your exercise.
  2. For a full minute focus your gaze upon the second hand of a watch or clock. Make sure you still your mind, and let no thoughts or events distract your silent gaze.
  3. When you become aware that your attention has slipped, gently nudge your mind back to your exercise.
  4. Repeat these steps every day until you can comfortably stay focused for the entire minute.
  5. At the end of each day’s exercise gently squeeze your left ear lobe and say, “I feel focused.” You are linking your state of concentration with this physical action and affirmation. Eventually, gently squeezing your left ear lobe and saying, “I feel focused,” will trigger a state of concentration, which is the state you need to effectively use your brain’s five powerful powers.

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