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David T. Fagan: You Really Deserve This


I have done marketing for some of the best marketers in the world. Some of these people you may know about because you have seen their testimonials on my website. Other expert marketers that I have worked for you don’t know about because my help for them has been sworn to secrecy.

You might ask, “Well, if they are such good marketers then why do they need you?” The truth is, we all need someone – including myself. The simple fact of the matter is that we all carry around so much junk inside our head that it is really hard to judge things about ourselves from time to time. We all need that second opinion (or more) because we are just too close to the issues when it comes to our own image.

The junk comes from getting criticism we don’t deserve, but even more importantly it comes from getting compliments we don’t deserve. When this kind of feedback is taken in we can get all messed up with an incorrect perception of our image in the world.

The biggest problem with the feedback is that it very rarely comes from a qualified source in a structured set of specifications. There is a real art to asking questions, surveying, and creating focus groups. It’s actually a billion dollar industry. Just ask every politician.

Here are some of the best ways to get good feedback that you deserve:

  1. Make sure those you are asking are qualified to give you feedback. You don’t ask your mechanic to operate on you and you don’t ask a man about what he looks for in a gynecologist. You need to be asking the right people!
  2. Make sure that you quantify what you really want to know and look for “Major Rights” and “Major Wrongs.” What do people really like about something and what do people really hate about something? It drives me nuts when people feel like they need to justify their existence in the universe by coming up with some kind of advice. Pretty soon they are just stretching for something to tweak when, in all reality, they like what you are doing or have done in general.
  3. When you want the nitty gritty, use scales of 1-5 (5 being the best) when surveying people for feedback. 1-10 leaves room for some gray areas. 1-4 is better yet. Make them really choose how they feel about something.
    We all need feedback when it comes to pictures, videos, websites, brands, books, articles, presentations, and sometimes even how we dress. We all just have too much junk in our heads to go it alone. Get qualified people to give you good feedback. Stop focusing on the stuff you don’t really deserve and seek out what you really do. The time and money you will save will be huge. Get what you deserve and it will bring you breakthroughs like you have never seen before!

One Response to David T. Fagan: You Really Deserve This

  1. Tommy Reply

    October 31, 2013 at 11:36 am

    the author made a good point of having the right people around that a person can do the right thing in his business

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