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David T. Fagan: Top 5 Ways to Become a High-Paid Expert


You need to know that when I use the word ‘expert,’ I am really referring to what I call an ‘Icon Advisor.’ This is someone who has both expertise and a celebrity status as someone who gets results. And I am convinced that there really is a formula for becoming an Icon Advisor, as well as a formula for monetizing that Icon Advisor status. I know because I have done this for myself. I know because I have done it for others. Lastly, I know because I wrote the book on it, Cracking the Icon Code, and it is receiving rave reviews!

Here are the top 5 ways to become a highly paid Icon Advisor:

  1. The first thing – as well as the most important thing – is to have a very specific website that positions you as an Icon in your industry. You do that by providing a lot of great content for your specific audience, showcasing your awards, certificates, testimonials, endorsements, your accomplishments, media appearances, and high-profile affiliations. This Icon website should be the Sun in your marketing universe. Everything orbits around it and is in its gravitational pull. We now live in a world where, if you really catch someone’s attention, one of the first things they are going to do is go Google you. Will they find something that impresses them and engages them? Or will they be underwhelmed and uninspired by your lack of presence? If your site is old and outdated the feeling might be that your information and advice is old and outdated. If your site is basic and cheap people may think you are basic and aren’t successful enough to afford a better image. The internet is the great equalizer, and we must use it to our advantage!

  2. The next most powerful thing an aspiring Icon Advisor needs to do is to write a book. Being published is still the ultimate business card, door opener, and income increaser. Your book is your chance to share your stories, your ideas, and your concepts with the world in a professional way. It quickly separates you from the competition and drastically improves your opportunities to speak in public. A book can give you tons of content for internet marketing and can give you a way to build a list of followers by providing limited amounts of that content through an opt in online. Stars, Professional Athletes, Politicians, Captains of Industry, and Scholars all write books. You want to join this elite group of people!

  3. Get featured in the media! (This may arguably be the top one.) Being seen on TV, heard on Radio, or written about in Print can be hugely powerful. After all, you’re in good company when you are highly visible. Visibility equals credibility. Don’t believe me? Just look at every crazy reality TV show star that goes on to make big money from their new found fame. These people are not always exceptionally bright or sophisticated. However they are fascinating, intriguing, and they are highly visible. Sometimes that’s all it takes to monetize your knowledge and experiences. The bigger the media outlet the better! To be able to say in your message and marketing materials “As Seen On…” is a game changer. After all, very few people can say that.

  4. Recruit and record as many testimonials and endorsements you can. The more you have the better. After a while, people have to ask, “How can so many people be wrong?” Train yourself to become aware and conscious of compliments. Learn to respond to these compliments with something like, “Wow, thank you. That means so much. I’d love to capture that on video. It would really help me help other people.” Help people share their positive experience in writing or, even better, on camera. Capturing this is paramount in proving your success. This third-party social proof is priceless. I have hundreds of testimonials, most of which are at You want testimonials about your work, your integrity, your process, your system, your products, your events, and just about anything else you can think of. Capture and record your compliments. Icons have fans!

  5. Win industry-specific awards. Every industry has them. Go find them and learn how to win them! LCO, the PR company I just acquired in a seven-figure deal, is known as an award-winning PR company for their Bull Dog Awards. Icon Builder Media has won multiple awards from multiple organizations, but I had to seek them out. Being recognized for your excellence by a third-party is more social proof that elevates your Icon status.

And there are even more ways, but these are the top 5 for sure! Others might include speaking on stage; earning certificates, diplomas, and degrees; and throwing big events. All of these Icon Building strategies lead you to creating an unfair advantage over the competition that allows you to charge more and win more business. This is truly how you become a highly-paid expert or Icon Advisor.

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